Forecasts of IAP Periodic Payments
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This tool is intended to assist you in determining the disbursement options that would be available when you retire your IAP account based on the data that you input.

Disbursement options are monthly, quarterly or annually payments over a 5, 10, 15 or 20 year period as well as a one-time total lump sum disbursement. This tool does not calculate the Anticipated Life Span Option.

The tool adds employee contributions and earnings up to the end of the Last Work Year you select.
It adds earnings up to the end of the Retirement Year you select.

The disbursement amounts and available options that are generated reflect the Annual Earnings Rate that you enter.
Your actual payments will vary from year to year depending on the actual earnings rates in the future.

The tool may modify the Effective Retirement Year so it is not earlier than the Last Work Year.

PERS is not bound by figures produced by this program.
No representations or guarantees are made on the accuracy of the calculation or projections.
Your IAP account is subject to earnings or losses based on the performance of your IAP Target-Date Fund.